Proventia Test Solutions

Increasing vehicle complexity and new energy sources require advanced development and testing capabilities in the automotive industry. As an independent system integrator and turnkey supplier, Proventia offers a modern and flexible approach, with modular test laboratories and centres. Proventia's modular test laboratories are available for numerous test cell applications and existing facility arrangements. Proventia offers different designs and layouts for every purpose, space requirement and plan for the future. Today, we focus on electric-mobility technologies, including e-motor test cells, hybrid electric powertrain test stands, EV batteries and complete vehicle testing capabilities.


What are modular automotive test laboratories and centres?

A modular test laboratory consists of readymade modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. Each test cell is technically optimised, integrated with preferred key components and made to be as self-sufficient as required. Integration with the existing facility arrangement and available infrastructural supplies is often a customer-specific combination.  The modular test laboratories scale up from a single test cell to a complete test centre with different capabilities. Upgrades, expansions and changes in location can be made in stages, deploying test cells in accordance with the actual need.

Test laboratories, modules and test centre parts can be easily replaced, and features improved, keeping the test facility highly productive and up to the task in the long run. Despite frequent changes or upgrading, the modular design maximises the operational uptime and minimises potential disturbances between the test cells.

A modular test centre requires no special arrangements from the main building. Proventia's Test Solutions are naturally the most self-sufficient, containing the typical facilities, such as ventilation, heat, and air and liquid conditioning. Supportive facility units, preparation areas and control room modules serving several test cells can be incorporated into the test centre. Compared to the costs and time involved in building a traditional in-house test facility, Proventia's modular Test Solutions are truly effective from both short- and long-term perspectives.

Factory-equipped and fully prepared test cells

Proventia's modular Test Solutions are manufactured and factory-commissioned before delivery. The place of every piece of equipment, cable and pipe is carefully planned by Proventia and installed in each module. The finished modules are easily transportable anywhere in the world, with no special arrangements. All this means higher productivity and shorter lead-times. When changes in test cells are required, the modular design simplifies the next steps.

An independent system integrator and turnkey supplier

Proventia is an independent system integrator and turnkey supplier for the automotive industry. We work directly with test equipment and automation system suppliers to bring the best possible expertise and experience into customer discussions. We integrate any equipment including customers own equipment. Our solution provides the customer with the most extensive selection of technologies to exceed requirements and ultimately find the optimal combination of equipment, automation and infrastructural capabilities for the project.

As a turnkey test laboratory supplier, Proventia manages the project and sub-contracting, integrates everything with the test laboratories, assembles the modules on site and commissions the delivery in agreement with the customer. Every project is run and monitored closely to ensure schedules are met, and the customer and every sub-supplier are always on the same page.

Technical customer support

Proventia trains the customer to attend to daily maintenance and provides technical support focusing on the modular test cell structures and infrastructural capabilities. Every key component manufacturer maintains and takes care of their own products and solutions directly with the customer. This minimises potential delays and directly provides the best possible product knowledge and service. If the customer prefers more centralised services, Proventia Test Solutions is ready to help.

Why modular Proventia Test Solutions?

  • Fast and convenient test capacity increase
  • Possibility of staged expansion of capacity
  • Unique combinations of preferred test equipment and automation
  • Technically optimised and as self-sufficient as required
  • Integrates with existing facility arrangements and available supplies
  • Flexible for future changes
  • Extremely transportable