Proventia's strategy

The company's goal is to be a leading supplier of technology for the engine, machine and vehicle industries in selected niche markets. Proventia's innovative and high-quality solutions and services reduce the burden on the environment, and promote health by improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

The company focuses on three business areas: emission control; thermal insulation; and test systems.

1. Emission Control

Proventia's emission control operations offer customised exhaust aftertreatment systems, and R&D and testing services for engine and work machine manufacturers.

The company's retrofitting business operations provide cleaning systems for commercial vehicles already in use, such as exhaust aftertreatment for buses and lorries.

2. Thermal Components

The company manufactures thermal insulation components for its own emission control systems and provides them to other companies.

3. Test Solutions

Proventia provides the vehicle manufacturing industry with modular test laboratories and centres for engines, powertrains, hybrid systems and batteries.

At the core of the company's strategy is technological excellence, which is deployed through synergies in various areas of application and in customer communities. We maintain the best expertise in the field, and recognise the opportunities and threats presented by technological breakthroughs. The company will encounter new business opportunities through tighter restrictions and other legislative developments. 

As a technology company, Proventia's manufacturing strategy is primarily to subcontract products, except for components or assemblies that are critical to the technology or supply chain. This allows for capital efficiency and enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs and market changes.  

We aim for controlled and profitable growth in our business areas with both our current and future customer base.

Serving an expanding clientele also means a broader geographical presence. 

Proventia strives to develop new business areas from innovations and to continuously explore potential new business areas, based on the latest technological developments and emerging customer needs. Potential technology and business acquisitions are part of the company's growth strategy.

The company is redirecting its research and product development focus from diesel technology to hybrid, electrical and battery technologies.

Our values and responsibility are a key part of our day-to-day activities.