Proventia's strategy

The company's goal is to be a leading supplier of technology for the engine, machine and vehicle industries. Proventia's innovative and high-quality solutions and services help customers to develop products that help to save the environment and people´s health by improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

The company focuses on two business areas:

Test Solutions

The company offers modular test centres for the development needs of the vehicle industry, including electric and hybrid vehicles, their powertrains, and battery packs.

Powertrain Systems and Components

The company offers systems and components for improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of powertrains in heavy machines and vehicles

  • Emission control systems
  • Thermal components
  • Electric powertrain components, batteries and their charging systems

At the core of the company's strategy is technological excellence, which is deployed through synergies in various areas of application and in customer communities. We maintain the best expertise in the field, and we recognize the opportunities and threats presented by technological breakthroughs. The company will encounter new business opportunities through tighter restrictions and other legislative developments. 

A holistic understanding of customer needs, proactive customer service and creating a positive customer experience form the basis of the company´s success.  

The company´s manufacturing strategy is to focus on the final assembly of the products and to utilize efficient subcontracting of components. Critical components and assemblies are manufactured inhouse, if needed. The primary goals of the production are high quality, cost efficiency, delivery reliability and an agile response to customer needs and market changes.

We aim for controlled and profitable growth in our business areas with both our current and future customer base. 

Serving an expanding clientele also means a broader geographical presence.  

Proventia develops new products and solutions for the needs of the electric vehicle and machine industries Potential technology and business acquisitions are part of the company's growth strategy. 

Our values and responsibility are key parts of our day-to-day activities.