EAT systems and technologies

Proventia provides full-scale emission reduction and system integration expertise to the non-road mobile engine and machine manufacturers. We provide selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), urea mixing technologies and components integrated in a fully tailored system to meet present and future Euro, Stage and Tier standards. We supply tailored high-quality exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) systems and components based on proven technologies. Our top-performing exhaust aftertreatment systems are designed to fit into the smallest spaces.

To comply with present EU Stage V, manufacturers of work machines are expected to combine various emissions reduction technologies, such as an SCR system and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with an oxidation catalyst. High NOx reduction targets mean that the SCR performance needs to be improved in every possible way, and this is where we can offer our best expertise in engineering services, urea mixing and thermal management skills.


Better performance with Proventia's own technology innovations

We design and engineer exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) systems, using engine manufacturers' own emission control concepts and certified components, and combine them with Proventia's own innovations and products for urea mixing or thermal management. We partner with the best catalyst and component manufacturers, providing our customers with reliable EAT systems that comply with legislative requirements.

We also make our own technology innovations available to our customers through licensing arrangements.


Why is non-road specific EAT development needed?

  • Tight spaces in engine compartments, no space for long flex elements
  • Surface temperature challenges
  • Short mixing length from injector to SCR
  • EAT tailoring needed for each application
  • Standard components used, but EAT systems must be customised for each application because of variable operating conditions and machine designs 
  • Durability issues in challenging operating conditions

Why Proventia?

  • We offer complete EAT systems for a wide engine power range (from 56 to 1,000 kw)
  • We supply optimised solutions for each engine and machine based on validated standard components
  • We provide a wide range of engineering, simulation and testing services