High Voltage


Flexible Battery
Systems for Harsh Environments

Proventia high-voltage battery solutions are based on safe and reliable LTO technology. A modular structure enables right-size fit with flexible capacity and voltage customization. The flexibility of our high-voltage systems is ideal for meeting demanding requirements in hybrid and fuel cell machine applications. 

Proventia High-Voltage
Battery Systems

For high-voltage applications up to 800V

Proventia ePRO500+ 

Standard battery pack with a robust structure for the harshest environments.

Proventia Standard Battery Systems

Flexible battery platform for heavy-duty machines. Scalable in size.

Proventia Customized High-Voltage Battery Systems

Fully custom-build batteries to your specifications.

Our Promises 

  • Maintenance-free battery ensures long service life and reliability 
  • Based on the most robust LTO battery technology for superior performance 
  • Meticulously engineered housing and electronics significantly enhance system durability 
  • The system operates effectively in temperature ranges where standard batteries struggle 
  • Optional active thermal management is available for optimal performance 

Example of high-voltage battery specifications: 

Specifications  Energy bias version Power bias version
Nominal capacity 8.9 kWh 7.7 kWh
Nominal voltage 386 V 386 V
Pulse power 77 kW 310 kW
10 s power 71 kW 220 kW
Continuous power 39 kW 74 kW
L x H x W 1166 x 685 x 181,6 mm

Variants can be connected in series up to 1000VDC.

For hybrid systems

Proventia high-voltage battery systems facilitate peak power management in hybrid applications. This allows smaller combustion engines to be used. Downsizing the engine enables reduced fuel consumption and total ownership costs less COemissions.

For fuel cell applications

In fuel cell scenarios, Proventia high-voltage batteries consistently provide fast, reliable power when required. Typically, fuel cell operation is optimal when run at fairly constant power, while the battery needs to provide a fast load response. Our batteries excel in these situations, providing high-power capability and maximizing the fuel cell’s lifetime.

Proventia Batteries

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