Testing and validation 

We provide engine, machine and component manufacturers with reliable performance and emission testing in our own in-house state-of-the-art engine and emission laboratory. We also offer ageing, mechanical durability and corrosion resistance testing services.


The Proventia in-house engine and emission laboratory

In our own engine and emission laboratory, we can run both steady-state and dynamic test cycles, including official test cycles such as WHTC, NRTC, NRSC etc., or tailored test cycles and protocols. We can also run ageing and durability testing.

  • 4 test cells with test benches for diesel engines up to 470 kW
  • Emission-measuring analysers from e.g. Horiba, AVL and Dekati
  • Modern data logging systems with full CAN Open/J1939 capability and traceability
  • Calibration and software tools to meet the certification and validation levels of today and tomorrow
  • Ensuring the required lifetime targets of EAT systems, components etc.
  • Optimised durability testbeds with specific load cycles help achieve accelerated ageing process
  • Our own cost-effective optimised ageing testing solution: modular Proventia test laboratories
  • An online camera with a recording system to continuously monitor the urea injection area and mixer behaviour for urea deposit formation
  • A scanning device for each component's distribution in the exhaust gas stream, full validation of NH3 simulation

Mechanical Durability Testing

In the engine, machine and vehicle industries, quality and reliability are of great interest and importance to everyone, i.e. suppliers, manufacturers and clients. Will the product or component withstand shock and vibration during its operational lifetime?

We test our products' mechanical and fatigue durability in different phases during product development by simulations and in practice under high cyclic stress. Our mechanical durability process includes e.g.:

Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)

  • Vibration measurements from a real machine with the installed prototype system
  • The ability to measure acceleration, strain and temperature, including CAN-bus data
  • Measurements taken with the Siemens LMS SCADAS™ measurement system and analysed with Siemens LMS Test.Lab™, including Mission Synthesis

Hot shake test

  • Test profile composed of measured accelerations
  • Different driving situations implemented in one profile
  • Test duration shortened by adjusting the profile's amplitude

Field testing

  • Ensuring the system meets operational and customer requirements
  • Testing details omitted in laboratory tests or simulations
  • Final validation

Vibration Testing

  • Advanced vibration analysis tools
  • Simulating the test curves in real operating cycles

Corrosion resistance testing

  • Salt spray test, e.g. accelerated corrosion testing of the coating according to SFS EN-ISO 9227