Thermal insulation solutions

Proventia Thermal Components are made of corrugated stainless steel sheet and layered heat insulation material. The thickness and type of insulation material used may vary depending on the application, with the maximum operating limit being up to 1,100 °C. Proventia Thermal Components are extremely light and easy to shape into any complex 3D form. They can therefore be fitted in tight spaces in engine compartments.


Proventia designs, manufactures and supplies:

Thermal insulation parts

  • Our insulation parts are insulation shells that are tailored and shaped even to complex geometric forms if required. The shells are made of corrugated stainless-steel sheet and layered heat insulation material.

Assembly-ready insulation kits

  • Our assembly-ready insulation kits include tailored insulation parts and fastening elements for quick assembly on the component. The kits are detachable, and can be easily removed and re-installed.

A fully integral insulation solution

  • Our fully integral insulation solution entails the complete insulation service, from design and manufacturing of insulation components to assembly work on the component to be insulated.

Why Proventia thermal insulation solutions?

  • High insulation efficiency
  • Reduced heat radiation
  • Low surface temperature
  • Protects sensitive parts from heat
  • Contributes to the optimal operation of the EAT system
  • Lightweight, durable insulation for tight spaces
  • Also cost-effective for small-volume or high-mix series