Off-road Machinery Systems and Components

Proventia´s Off-road Machinery Systems and Components offers innovative technology solutions for reducing harmful emissions and improving the energy efficiency of machines and vehicles. Our solutions will help mitigate climate change and reduce local emissions.

A non-road machine, with its endless number of different use cases, is one of the most challenging applications for environmentally friendly powertrains. Proventia´s long and extensive expertise of powertrains in the most demanding operating environments has made us a competent partner for engine, machine, and vehicle manufacturers to develop the future´s clean energy-efficient machines and vehicles. Whether they are for fully electric, hybrid or internal combustion engine machines and vehicles. In off-road machinery systems and components, our focus is on applications where one-size-fits-all type solutions are impossible because of a large variety of operating environments, conditions, and duty cycles.

Our off-road machinery systems and components solutions include:

  • Emission Control systems: application-specific exhaust aftertreatment solutions for non-road OEM machinery and on-road retrofit applications
  • Thermal Components: high-performance insulation solutions for demanding engine applications
  • Electric Powertrain components and batteries: systems and components for electric powertrains, e.g., high-power hybrid batteries for non-road applications.