Low-voltage LTO 

Proventia low-voltage batteries seamlessly integrate into machines with their compact, lightweight, yet robust structure. They improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, making the low-voltage batteries an easy choice for off-road machinery mild hybridization or enhancing the EAT system performance.

Proventia low-voltage
Battery Systems

Perfect for mild hybrids and for enhancing exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) performance

Proventia Customized Low-Voltage Batteries


  • Based on the safest LTO battery technology
  • Robust packaging and battery electronics for enhanced system reliability
  • Operates in temperature ranges challenging for most standard batteries
  • Optional active thermal management for maximum performance
  • Engineered for harsh operating environments

Example of low-voltage battery specifications

48 V / 0.9 kWh / 40 kW peak power
Wide operational temp. window -30... 60°C
Dimensions (L x H x W)* 580 x 235 x 190 mm
Weight* c. 30 kg
* can be tailored to customer specifications

Proventia Batteries

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Mild Hybridization

The 48V electrical system is the industry standard for mild hybrid cars. For the creation of mild hybrid off-road machines, we provide you with a similar tailored low-voltage system. Such a system is, for example, Proventia ePRO48. 

Enhancing the EAT System Performance

Proventia low-voltage batteries can be used to enhance the EAT system performance. In such cases, low-voltage batteries provide additional power to heat exhaust aftertreatment systems in cold start and idle conditions. This feature is crucial for meeting future ultra-low NOx requirements in off-road machinery (Tier 5 and Stage VI), especially in low exhaust temperature scenarios. The ePRO48 can supply extra heat to enhance SCR performance in these conditions.

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