Working at Proventia

If you want your work to be meaningful and your employer to be genuinely responsible, Proventia is the place for you. Here you will get to realise your full potential and talent by working to benefit the whole of society.

We care about people, the environment and future generations, and aim for zero emissions. Our products and services for the engine, machine and vehicle industries reduce emissions, improve vehicle testing and prolong battery life. Recruiting new professionals with a drive to learn ensures our continued success in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

Sales engineer Jouni Lantto talks about his international career with Proventia: "A sales event is a project where we tailor a solution together with the customer".

Boldly Proventia

We at Proventia are keen to take the initiative and create new and bold solutions. We are united by the desire to learn and create new things together, and take a flexible approach to various tasks and situations. Every Proventia employee is important, and everyone here values their own work and that of their colleagues. We have a highly positive attitude to customer service, and strive to strengthen our customers´ competitive edge and success with the solutions we develop.  

Controller Titta Järvelä performs a diverse range of financial management tasks: "Proventia is pretty close to a dream workplace".

Proventia's strengths

Expertise and great people are the main factors in Proventia´s success. We are a working community with a strong team spirit and genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Proventia employees get to do inspiring and responsible work in an international environment.

Mechanical engineer Eero Kotimäki got to know Proventia while still at school: "I had the feeling that it would be great to work here".