Proventia engineering services

Reaching the highest emission standards and keeping costs under control calls for strong emission engineering knowhow combined with the latest computational design and simulation tools.  Our engineering services strongly support our OE customers. We provide engineering services in all emission-related issues; from emission strategy consulting to component and system development and mechanical design. We offer our customers our own technology innovations also through licensing.

Design platforms
Flow simulation

We can engineer a complete exhaust aftertreatment system for our customers, or we can take a smaller project, e.g. engineering a system for a special application or just a single component. Our engineering services include:

  • Design and development of individual aftertreatment components
  • Design and development of emission aftertreatment platforms
  • Customised integrated exhaust system design
  • Research on new emission control concepts
  • Optimisation of EAT systems and components

We help our customers in component selection by simulating and testing components and their variants and combining them to the most suitable exhaust aftertreatment configuration. We offer engineering services also for emerging markets through our partners, so making our emission knowhow available also for engine and machine manufacturers in those markets.

Our strengths

  • Comprehensive engineering services in all emission related issues
  • Time-and cost-effective development process
  • Advanced in-house design & simulation tools
  • Systematic project management