Proventia - Innovative technologies for cleaner air

Proventia is a technology company which operates in global markets. It offers products and services for emission control and the electrifying vehicle industry. Proventia's emission systems are designed to reduce the nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions of heavy-duty diesel engines. They can be fitted to new and already operating heavy-duty machinery and vehicles. Proventia's retrofit systems have been developed specifically for public transport in cities where conventional exhaust aftertreatment systems are usually not sufficiently effective. Our most recent business, Test Solutions, offers unique modular test laboratories and centers for testing engines, powertrains, hybrid systems and battery packs.

Developed by professionals

Proventia's technologies are based on high-quality Finnish engineering. Research and development activities and the assembly of test units are located in Oulu. We also manufacture selected special products and components in Oulu and the Czech Republic. Our audited first-rate subcontracting chain takes care of other production. Our sales and support functions are available everywhere our customers need us. Proventia's technologies stand for cleaner air on every continent – for all of us.


Proventia Group Oy started operating in 2000 as a development company, including subsidiaries specialising in environmental, energy and other technologies. One of these subsidiaries was Finnkatalyt Oy, established in 1994. It produced exhaust aftertreatment systems for small petrol engines, for example. In 2007, the name of Finnkatalyt was changed to Proventia Emission Control Oy, and the company shifted its focus to large diesel engines.

Since 2012, Proventia has focused on the emission control business. At the same time, the management of Proventia Group and Proventia Emission Control were merged in a single organisation. In 2017, the name of Proventia Emission Control was changed to Proventia Oy. The change arose from an expansion of business operations from exhaust aftertreatment systems into the modular test solutions.

Today, Proventia employs more than 100 professionals and specialists in Finland and the Czech Republic.