The hybridization and electrification of non-road mobile machinery are effectively reducing emissions and helping to fight the climate change and global warming. Proventia´s zero-emissions vision sets high goals for all our operations. Electric and hybrid non-road machines are a major step towards zero emissions – and that´s where the Proventia Electric Powertrain steps up.

Batteries for hybrid machines

At Proventia Electric Powertrain, the focus of the operations is on developing high-power batteries for hybrid non-road applications. Proventia has an extensive expertise in powertrains of non-road mobile machinery through our Emission Control business. This expertise, combined with our electric vehicle test solutions knowhow, makes us a competent partner in developing electric powertrain systems and components.

Proventia ePRO48 lithium-ion battery

Tailoring electric powertrain solutions

When it comes to non-road machinery, there is a huge variety of operating environments, conditions and duty cycles, depending on the application, and how it operates in its work tasks. This means there is no single solution for electrifying non-road powertrains. There will be a need to tailor the components for each application and solve the challenges of high-power hybrid batteries. 

Indeed, these are similar to the tailoring and capacity issues Proventia has solved with non-road machine emission systems.  Now stepping into the world of electric and hybrid machinery, we have the advantage of knowing the applications and their operating environment, while having extensive expertise in the development and testing of electric solutions, including battery testing. Proventia´s own top-notch test center in Oulu in Finland includes a climate controlled full-size EV battery pack testing laboratory in addition to 4 combustion engine and emission test cells, also enabling hybrid operation.