Jun 8, 2009

New verification for Proventia’s exhaust purification device in the US

An exhaust purification device developed by Proventia has received a verification of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The verified purification device is intended for emission control of transport refrigeration units of delivery trucks and is a so-called Level 2+ solution meaning 50% particle reduction at the minimum. The verification is a follow-up to an earlier verification concerning an exhaust purification system for transport refrigeration units of trailers.

“There are 8000 delivery trucks merely in California for which our approved product is suitable. The equipment of these delivery trucks is subject to the same legislation as the equipment of trucks for which we are already providing a previously approved exhaust purification product that is very successful on the market”, tells Markku Hakkarainen, the CEO of Proventia Americas.

The emission standards for transport refrigeration units of trailers and delivery trucks are part of California's strict emission policy. Transport refrigeration units will also be subject to emission control in other states as the appropriations of Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package can also be used, among others, for air purification investments of distribution centres.

“Proventia’s emission control solution is the most cost-effective method on the USA’s market for making transport refrigeration units compliant with low emission regulations. The TRU products are our most important export article this year and the revenue generated by these will be significant considering the Proventia Group’s general goals. Delivery of the new product to the clients will start immediately”, says Lauri Antila, the CEO of Proventia Group. The products of Proventia are developed, designed, and tested in the Proventia Technology Centre in Oulunsalo. The products are mainly manufactured under subcontracts.