Nov 16, 2009

Proventia filter receives VERT certification

Proventia’s FBC filter PROAIR DPFP FB has passed through VERT (Verminderung der Emissionen von Realmaschinen im Tunnelbau) certification tests. The PM reduction of the filter is based on the use of Silicon Carbide filter with FBC additive (fuel-borne catalyst). With 99,9% PM reduction rate after 2’000 hrs ageing PROAIR system passed the tough VERT test program with flying colors. In addition, the engine-out-NO2emissions were also strongly reduced, which is an important characteristic not only in tunnel and underground mining environments but also in the cities and construction sites. 

VERT approval is a worldwide recognized testing procedure for diesel particulate filters that requires high reduction efficiency; the acceptance criterion being above 97%. VERT testing protocol is approved by Swiss BUWAL, German UBA, and many national occupational health agencies, as well as the Canadian DEEP project, CARB, MSHA, INRS, London LEZ, New York USA, NL and Chile EPA for instance.

PROAIR FBC filter complements Proventia’s wide product range by providing a very efficient filter technology especially for the NO2 critical applications.