Jun 29, 2016

First heavy vehicle Euro 6 retrofits with Proventia aftertreatment systems approved in Sweden

It is now officially possible to retrofit Euro 4/5 buses and trucks up to the Euro 6 emission standard in Sweden. A vehicle equipped with the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City retrofit exhaust aftertreatment system has been tested by independent test organizations both in engine laboratories (WHVC test cycle) and in PEMS tests. In each case, the vehicle's emissions met the Euro 6 emission standard. This is the first time that at vehicle inspection Euro 5 vehicles have received a marking in their registration certifications stating that the vehicles are equipped with exhaust aftertreatment systems and the vehicles' emissions are equivalent to the Euro 6 emission class.  These vehicles are now allowed to drive into Swedish Environmental Zones (Miljözon) without restriction.

Proventia's NOxBUSTER® City DPF+ SCR system is especially developed for city driving conditions where the exhaust temperatures remain quite low due to slow driving speeds and frequent stops. The operation of NOxBUSTER® City is based on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology using standard commercial AdBlue® (DIN70070), but with advanced catalyst technology coupled with Proventia's own patented mixing technology and integral insulation. This ensures high reduction rates of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real urban driving, cold-start phases included. ?We had the system PEMS tested in real driving conditions as required for Euro 6 vehicles and the vehicle passed Euro 6 emission limits?, Petri Saari, Proventia?s Vice President, Sales explains. ?The advantage of NOxBUSTER® City is that it does not require any specific devices, it operates with standard AdBlue® that is produced by numerous suppliers and available at gas stations everywhere. It is a very cost effective and reliable global solution to reduce emissions?, confirms Saari.