Mar 20, 2014

Proventia Emission Control – 20 years for cleaner air

This year, Proventia Emission Control celebrates its 20th anniversary in emission control business. Proventia Emission Control established in 1994 used to be called Finnkatalyt until 2007 when the company adopted its current name and moved to new facilities in Oulunsalo. Proventia's key competence area is reduction of emissions of diesel-operated heavy machinery and vehicles. Proventia Emission Control is part of Head Invest Group owned by Veikko Lesonen and his family.

In twenty years, Proventia has grown from a small company into an international provider and expert of emission control systems. As recognition of its distinguished operations in international markets, the company received the Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic in 2007.

Currently, Proventia provides emission control systems, for example, for Valtra's tractors, Sandvik's mining machinery, Iseki's agricultural machinery as well as Komatsu Forest's and Logset's forestry machinery. The company is especially renowned for its retrofit products, in other words, products which help older vehicles to comply with current emission requirements. Proventia has provided its retrofit systems to Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea; California, USA; Sweden; Finland; and for the legendary double-decker buses of London. The company's largest retrofit deal was struck in 2007, when the value of one order exceeded EUR 10 million.

“Retrofit projects have been significant for the development of Proventia but during the last few years, the share of machine and engine manufacturers in net sales has surpassed that of retrofitting and currently accounts for more than 70 % of net sales. Their advantage is their continuity and predictability years onwards. Moreover, cooperation and product development with machine and engine manufacturers continues to produce new, technologically advanced solutions. This new technology and competence can then also be utilized in the retrofitting markets,” says Jari Lotvonen, CEO of Proventia.

Proventia employs 30 people directly, and a hundred more indirectly through subcontractors. Systems manufactured by the company are used in 50 countries.