Our vision is zero emission

At Proventia, we strive for a zero emissions future. We develop, design and manufacture exhaust aftertreatment systems and components for diesel engines, work machines and heavy vehicles and this way give our contribution for solving the global problem of air pollution. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of the global population breathe polluted air. Transport and diesel engines are especially major sources of emissions into the air. Of the emissions generated by diesel engines, particulates and nitrogen oxides are the most hazardous to health. Global air quality problems, stricter emissions regulations and a more intense focus on nitrogen oxide emissions have resulted in a growing need for effective exhaust aftertreatment systems. Today's exhaust aftertreatment technologies help to significantly reduce hazardous emissions from diesel engines.

Proventia Emission Control

Proventia provides emission control expertise and systems for selected market segments: non-road original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and on-road retrofit customers.

Proventia's OEM customers are manufacturers of diesel engines and work machines, for which the company develops, produces and delivers customised exhaust aftertreatment systems. Proventia focuses on non-road machine and vehicle markets, where diesel remains the most widely used power source and customer applications require customised emission solutions. In addition to delivering fully integrated systems, Proventia offers its customers R&D, simulation and validation services.

Proventia's retrofit customers include public transport operators, for which Proventia provides exhaust aftertreatment systems for installation on existing vehicles to minimize local emissions. Proventia's retrofit systems have been designed to operate in the challenging conditions of urban traffic. Technologies developed for demanding OEM applications firmly support R&D and expertise in retrofit systems.

 Proventia Emission Control