OEM Emission Control for non-road machines

Diesel engines will continue to be used as power source in non-road machines for a long time, but they will become cleaner.  Over the last 20 years, emission standards in the US and the EU have become increasingly stringent, with limits on emissions of both nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PM) now close to zero. Preparing for future emission standards is the only way to ensure competitiveness in the original equipment market.

We have a remarkable and proven track record with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technologies in a variety of engines, applications and challenging operating environments. This has made us an expert in reducing PM and NOx emissions from diesel engines.

Our offering: This means:

Efficient emission control for engine manufacturers

For engine manufacturers, we offer complete exhaust aftertreatment systems, developed to meet Stage, Tier and Euro standards. In the non-road segment, we are currently focusing on the EU Stage V emission limit.

Innovative system integration for machine manufacturers

We integrate non-road machine manufacturers' exhaust systems with their machines. Our long experience of integrating EAT systems has given us an understanding of how different agricultural, forestry, material handling, mining and construction machines are used.

Why Proventia?

  • Strong R&D and engineering
  • Exceptional expertise in SCR and urea mixing
  • Genuinely innovative, agile and flexible in all operations
  • Effective integration with customers' product development processes.
  • Cost-effective, from engineering to delivery