Jun 18, 2019

Proventia upgraded London’s New Routemaster buses to be ULEZ compliant

Proventia has retrofitted Transport for London’s (TfL) New Routemaster Euro V hybrid double-decker buses for the London Ultra Low Emission Zone. The total number of TfL’s New Routemasters that were equipped with a NOxBUSTER® City system in this project is 306 vehicles. The installations were made by Proventia’s local partner Excalibre Technologies.  Retrofitting reduces emissions below the Euro VI level and makes the buses ULEZ compliant. For people in London this means less nearby emissions and improved local air quality. 

Tom Cunnington, Head of Bus Business Development at TfL, said: “Clean buses play a vital role in tackling London's toxic air. We’re moving towards a zero emission future, but the work that Proventia has done to help us green up our existing fleet has been helpful in immediately improving the air for thousands across London. Retrofitting existing buses to be ULEZ compliant has allowed us to deliver ten low emissions bus zones, reducing harmful NOx and PM emissions by 90 per cent.”

Petri Saari, the Vice President of Proventia, said: “We were delighted to continue our co-operation with Transport for London and proud to be nominated to retrofit London’s own bus model. The New Routemaster retrofit project proceeded well and the results are promising. We were able to finish this technically challenging project in March well ahead of the ULEZ deadline in April.” 

The Proventia NOxBUSTER® City retrofit system has been specially developed for low exhaust temperatures in urban driving and is approved in London for both ULEZ and CVRAS for a variety of bus makes and models. In addition to retrofitting New Routemasters, Proventia is making ULEZ upgrades for multiple bus operators in London and the technology is available for upgrading city buses and coaches across Britain. The same NOxBUSTER® City systems are also approved for German retrofit projects.

Photo: ©Transport for London

Contact information:

Petri Saari, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Proventia Oy, tel. +358 20 781 0265, petri.saari(at)proventia.com

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