AdBlue/ DEF/ Urea filter


SCR system

Reduce maintenance needs, prevent service downtime and increase productivity! Proventia PureBlue is the market´s easiest and safest solution for filtering the impurities, contaminants and dirt from AdBlue/ diesel exhaust fluid that might harm your AdBlue and SCR system.

Proventia PureBlue replaces troublesome in-tank AdBlue filters and increases the overall reliability of any AdBlue and SCR system.

Proventia PureBlue

Switch to a simple and effective way of removing impurities from AdBlue!


  • No need for an impractical tank filter
  • Compact design, fits in the smallest spaces
  • One size fits all heavy off-road equipment and on-road vehicles
  • Efficient removal of impurities down to the size of 40 micron particles
  • Freeze protection
  • Heating option with coolant

Easy integration

  • Simple to mount
  • Installation options both vertically and
  • SAE J2044 3/8” AdBlue line fittings
  • Simple replacement filter cartridge change

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  • Proventia PureBlue AdBlue filter product code: 6458

  • Proventia replacement filter cartridge code: 6619

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