Emission Control System
PROLONG THE LIFESPAN of your machinery with an easy, cost-effective upgrade! Retrofitting a heavy-duty machine with a new exhaust aftertreatment system makes the machine just as clean as a new low-emission machine.

When public and private tenders require contractors’ machines to fulfill Stage IIIB, IV, or V emission standards, retrofitting your machine with an advanced exhaust aftertreatment system is an approved, fast-acting, and cost-effective way to control emissions and meet tendering requirements.

Reliable, robust and proven systems

Proventia is an approved supplier of exhaust aftertreatment
systems for leading engine and machine
manufacturers. Proventia has over 20 years of
history of supplying tens of thousands of retrofit
systems in the UK, Germany,
South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Finland.


  • Proven to operate in harsh environments
  • Upgrades to Stage V emissions levels
  • Operates with standard AdBlue without any extra heat
  • Modular system fits each machine
  • Low surface temperature
  • Manufactured according to the highest quality standards


How does it work?

Proventia NOxBUSTER® includes
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
technology and AdBlue® to reduce
nitrogen oxides (NOx). A diesel
particulate filter (DPF) reduces
particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons
(HC) and carbon monoxide (CO).

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For all heavy-duty machines

Proventia NOxBUSTER retrofit system fits all kinds of heavy-duty machines. Modular system enables easy and effortless installation.

Tunnelling and mining machinery
Construction and material handling machinery
Agriculture & forestry machinery

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