Test Module for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems


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Proventia EVA H2 is the state-of-the-art test module for hydrogen fuel cell system testing. A true turn-key test chamber includes all the necessary equipment, and therefore is a fast and safe solution for optimising testing capacity.

Ready, get set, test!

Proventia EVA H2 is an effortless, turn-key solution. The modular two-chamber test facility includes all ready-to-use infrastructural parts and safety systems, which makes it quick to deploy and easy to operate.

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to H2 testing

Product Features

  • Operation power: regenerative DC-load 10-300 kW
  • Includes safety valves, mass flow measurement and pressure control
  • Constant temperature 20-30 ºC±2
  • Humidity control >40% rh
  • Hydrogen supply from customer source to test bench
  • Size: 5 m x 12,5 m x 7 m

Standards and directives

  • Designed to European Machine Directive ISO 2006/42/EY
  • Fulfills safety automation functions according to ISO 13849
  • Fulfills ATEX requirements according to IEC 60079

Safety features

  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Gas detection
  • Test cell ventilation
  • Remote video monitoring of test space and device under test
  • Easy operation through touchscreen controls and remote access
  • Extensive self-diagnostics for infrastructure and safety systems
  • Utilises Beckhoff hardware with global support for parts and service


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Sakari Huhtelin

Sakari Huhtelin

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Benefits of EVA H2

  • All the necessary safety and test equipment included: turn-key delivery
  • Factory-build construction saves time both in the building and in the deployment phase
  • Avoid ATEX rated zones near your critical operations or infrastructure: the module can be located without heavy foundations


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