EVA Climatic

Module for Climatic Battery Pack Testing


Test and validate
in various circumstances

Ensure your battery packs perform as planned in the operating environment! Proventia EVA Climatic is a modular, safe and fast-to-build test lab infrastructure equipped with Keysight´s sophisticated battery test solutions. Get to know the efficient, flexible, best in the market testing features below.


Fast lane to market

Reduce time and costs of your product development with a scalable test facility with all the features for climatic testing:

  • Real-world performance simulation
  • Charging and discharging performance testing
  • Temperature and humidity effects testing

Proventia EVA Battery Testing Facilities

Download the Data Sheet

Download Proventia EVA Datasheet

No compromises
Just performance

Product Features

  • Temperature range -40 °C +80 °C
  • Temperature change rate 1-3 K/min
  • Humidity range 10–80 °C, 10–90 % RH, +-5% RH
  • Cycler power example: 540 kW done with 2xSL1740 from Keysight
  • Includes Keysight PathWave test control software

Standards and directives

  • Designed to European Machine Directive ISO 2006/42/EY
  • Functional safety concept according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008 with performance rating up to Cat. 4, PL e
  • Designed to follow European fire regulation EI60

Safety features

Delivered standard as Hazard level 4

  • Door access control
  • Warning signals
  • Fire detection
  • Breather valve

Hazard level 6 option

  • Burst Disc
  • Fire suppression & gas detection
  • Purge fan for gasses



  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Gas detection
  • Test cell ventilation
  • Remote video monitoring of test space and device under test
  • Easy operation through touchscreen controls and remote access
  • Extensive self-diagnostics for infrastructure and safety systems
  • Utilises Beckhoff hardware with global support for parts and service

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Sakari Huhtelin

Sakari Huhtelin

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Benefits of EVA Climatic

  • All-in-one solution for battery climatic testing equipment included: turn-key delivery
  • The world-class soft- and hardware integrated
  • Easy to transport, quick to deploy, simple to upgrade
  • Can be located inside or outside a building
  • Reliable, fast R&D facility to cut your time-to-market

Climatic benefits

Evaluate, Validate, Approve:
Proventia EVA.

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