EVA Safe

Module for Safety and Abuse Testing of Batteries


Prevent risks
while performing misuse tests

Abuse your batteries, crush them, test if they propagate fire. EVA Safe is a safe and controlled space for a variety of misuse or abusive battery tests. As a modular facility, you can locate it away from buildings and people.

Fast and easy

Choose the safety! EVA Safe offers a secure, easy to set up cell for destructive tests, even for battery explosion.

Proventia EVA Safe

Download the Data Sheet

Proventia EVA Safe Data Sheet

Play it safe
with EVA Safe

Product Features

  • Fast to deploy: no need for heavy foundations, a large number of interfaces, or internal preparations
  • Easy to operate: simple user interface & camera monitoring
  • Secured by stainless steel reinforced floors and walls
  • Holds a battery explosion of up to 2kWh in energy content (based on a typical lithium-ion battery)

Standards and directives

  • Designed to European Machine Directive ISO 2006/42/EY
  • Designed according to EI60 fire rating
  • Fulfills safety automation functions

Proventia EVA Safe has reinforced floors and walls.

Safety Features


  • Gas detection, extraction, and filtration for hazardous gasses
  • Test cell status lights and emergency stop monitoring
  • Status display and touchscreen control for the ventilation unit
  • Touch screen control and alarms of the gas detection system
  • Communication with the site alarm system
  • Remote connection and data storage for cameras inside the test cells
  • Utilises Beckhoff hardware with global support for parts and service.
  • Manually released aerosol fire suppression system as option

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Proventia EVA.

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