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Safe LTO Batteries 
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When it comes to heavy-duty machinery, there is a huge variety of operating environments, conditions, and duty cycles, depending on the application, and how it operates in its work tasks. This means there is no single solution for electrifying their powertrains.

Proventia's battery systems, based on the Proventia battery modules are flexible and scalable, ensuring a perfect fit for every application. From these modules, we engineer and design powerful battery systems, ideal for a range of off-road machinery electrification requirements. 

Electrification of the machinery can lead to operational cost savings, productivity and CO2 savings.

Our Offering

High-Voltage Batteries

Proventia High-Voltage battery solutions are based on safe and reliable LTO technology. A modular structure enables right-size fit with flexible capacity and voltage customization for hybrid, electric or fuel cell applications.

Low-Voltage Batteries

Proventia Low-Voltage battery solutions are based on safe and reliable LTO technology. They are a perfect fit for mild hybrids and for enhancing exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) performance.

Reliability and Performance with LTO Technology

Proventia battery solutions are based on lithium titanate oxide (LTO) technology. Choosing LTO technology ensures unparalleled safety, stability, and reliability.

These batteries feature high discharge rates (C-rates up to 10-40), which means that they offer rapid battery charging and discharging. Despite being able to support high-power demands with a lower capacity than other technologies, LTO batteries have a 10 to 20 times longer battery lifetime than other lithium battery types. They operate effectively across a wide temperature range, from -30..+60 °C.

All this while offering higher safety than any other li-ion battery type. This versatility makes them ideal for off-road machinery applications.

Batteries from a trusted partner with extensive experience

In-house Developed and Manufactured Battery Module

At the heart of Proventia battery systems lies an in-house developed and manufactured battery module. This core module becomes pivotal in engineering customized high-power battery packs, especially when off-the-shelf solutions are unsuitable.

Simulation and Engineering Support

Proventia supports machine manufacturers with an advanced simulation platforms for battery and systems engineering. We utilize simulations to guide and evaluate the design, integration, and control aspects of our battery products in relation to our customers' machine engineering. This approach accelerates machine engineering, reduces development costs, and shortens time-to-market.

Advanced Battery Testing and Validation

Through our expertise in test solutions, we possess in-depth knowledge of comprehensive battery testing. Our state-of-the-art test center in Oulu in Finland, features a climate-controlled, full-size EV battery pack testing laboratory. Additionally, our facility includes four combustion engine and emission test cells, which are also capable of facilitating hybrid operation. Our test center enables extensive testing of battery packs and hybrid systems.

Collaborative, proactive approach

Known for our approachability, we are committed to doing everything necessary to ensure the success of your project. Our proactive and agile approach in all operations allows us to seamlessly adapt to evolving needs, ensuring that our products and services meet your expectations.

High-power batteries for off-road machinery

Proventia batteries are ideal for hybrid systems where the combustion engine is optimized for average power, and the battery assists with peak power demands. 

Proventia batteries are also suitable for full electric machines that have a high-power opportunity charging. In cases where the operation profile demands charging during the workday, LTO technology minimizes downtime and keeps machines working.

In fuel cell applications, a battery supplements the constant energy from the fuel cell with extra power during short, intense activities such as acceleration, lifting, or cutting. The high-power battery also enables energy recuperation in braking or load, for example.

Dumper Trucks
Utility Tractors
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