Environmental Battery test chamber

Extensive testing and validation of the battery packs and modules ensures they perform as expected in the environment in which they will be used. Proventia has developed the standard in modular battery pack testing equipment. Proventia's climatic EV battery testing chambers are designed for both module and complete battery pack requirements. 

EV battery testing chamber

Overview of climatic EV battery pack test chamber

Proventia's climatic EV battery test cells enable real-world performance simulation, charging and discharging performance testing and the effects of temperature and humidity to be tested. The large climatic chamber can be located inside or outside a building, and allows full vehicle packs between -40 and 90 degrees C, and 10 to 95% relative humidity, to be tested. 

Our battery test laboratories conform to the EU Machinery Directive, as well as health and safety regulations. The modular test cells and centers are fully equipped with modern safety features, including the customer's preferred fire suppression and facility alarm systems.

Climatic EV battery pack test chamber

True turnkey solution

As a free integrator, Proventia can combine the high-performance test equipment of the market leaders with the customer's preferred suppliers. Proventia will integrate the battery cycler, coolant conditioning, automation and data acquisition equipment, as well as any other test equipment needed.

The Proventia battery pack and module testing unit is a true turnkey solution, including the necessary safety, power, HVAC, and plumbing and cabling infrastructure, as well as full building management solutions for the test space.

Standard industrial battery test chambers

In addition to customer-specific designs of battery testing solutions we also offer standardized industrial test modules that fulfill all the industry requirements and are quick to deploy. 


  • Cycler capability: 1MW, with the ability for parallel connections between cyclers.
  • Safety features: Access control, fire detection and suppression, gas detection, blast panels.
  • Included equipment: Battery emulator, automation system, coolant conditioning, test cell infrastructure.
  • Optional equipment: Pack handling equipment