Engine Test Cell

At Proventia, we have been developing Internal Combustion Engine test cells for more than 15 years. Because of our long history in the exhaust aftertreatment business and agile product development in that area, we know how to make a good engine test cell whether it is for complex R&D testing or a simpler durability test rig.


Overview of ICE test laboratory

Proventia Test Solutions offers different laboratory designs and layouts to meet all kinds of combustion engine test bench requirements and facility arrangements. Each test cell is divided into a few large modules that are easy to transport and assemble. As a turnkey supplier, Proventia designs and delivers complete CE- marked combustion engine test laboratories that meet the EU Machine Directive, include comprehensive safety features, and comply with health and safety regulations. 

Specifications (as an example)

  • Speed Range:1,500rpm-10,000rpm
  • Torque Range: 500Nm-10.000Nm
  • Battery Cycler/Emulator Capability: 1MW

Safety Features:

  • Gas detection systems
  • Fuel delivery and integrated safety systems for gasoline and diesel (Hydrogen optional)
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Fireproofing up to EI120 (120 mins.)
  • Vibration damping included
  • Standard noise damping inside from 100db to 60db (inside control room)
  • Very low noise options for outside operation (can be operated in domestic areas)
  • Integrated Safety PLCs
  • Door sensors
  • Other safety sensors

Integrated HVAC systems (Example): 

  • 6,6m3 per second
  •  20°C always maintained inside the facility; an ambient temperature of between (-30°C) and 40°C ambient temperature
  • Can be utilized to maintain properties for the intake air
  • De-humidifying as standard
  • Humidifying as an option