Mar 26, 2020

Fujitsu helps Proventia in the fight against climate change

Fujitsu provides Proventia Oy a cloud service solution for collecting production data on the use of public transport vehicles from different sources. As the gathered data will be utilized more efficiently, it can be used to create new value-added solutions and services. The new solution will contribute in fighting climate change and global pollution, using digitalization as a positive weapon. 

The new solution will replace and upgrade Proventia’s previous production data platform. The solution has been built on Fujitsu’s Event Processing IoT Platform (EPP), and it is run in Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Fujitsu EPP is a high- performance real-time monitoring and rule processing engine, which reads different data flows and reacts to their values. EPP enables the construction of efficient digital services by providing business applications with information about events taking place in the physical world. 

Proventia provides solutions and services for the engine, machine and vehicle industries to help solve the global air pollution problem. The company produces e.g. exhaust aftertreatment systems for diesel engines, work machines and heavy vehicles. Fujitsu’s cloud service is connected to Proventia’s Retrofit business of installing exhaust aftertreatment systems in vehicles already in traffic. Proventia’s systems are already in use in Clean Air projects in London, Germany, Seoul, Sweden and Finland, among others. 

”The strict demands on city air quality require reliable emission control solutions. Fujitsu’s solution enables real-time emissions and system performance monitoring. By extensively utilizing the gathered data, we can further improve the system performance in real urban traffic. For us, it is important that our client can rely on our technology to live up to the promises we give. With the new cloud service, our customers will also be able to verify in real time that emissions are decreasing as promised. Of course, we also wanted a clear user interface, high performance, and a scalable solution. Now we can meet the tighter air quality requirements in an agile manner and develop better solutions using AI,” says Proventia CEO Jari Lotvonen. 

”Fujitsu and Proventia are battling climate change and global pollution together, and in this battle our weapon is digitalisation. Advanced technology can lead to more climate friendly solutions in many ways. Our cost-efficient solution provides a reliable view into the real-life situation, so in addition to improving information flow, it produces new value. Gathering information into a modern cloud service and enabling its distribution to those requiring specialised and targeted information is information-intensive business of a new era. I am proud of being able to provide special expertise in the construction of the new service and its further development, which opens up new and interesting possibilities for the future,” says Fujitsu Finland’s CEO Simo Leisti.