Electric Vehicle Battery Test Laboratory

Proventia's modular EV battery test laboratory is a new solution for developing and testing electric vehicle battery packs and modules used in hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). The Proventia climatic battery test chamber is designed for both module and full-size battery pack requirements.

EV battery test laboratory

Proventia's modular test laboratories and centers are the quickest way to increase battery test laboratory capacity. Proventia's test laboratories and centers consist of ready-made modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. Test chambers are technically optimised to meet the customer's requirements and user preferences. Combinations of test equipment and automation may be anything available on the market or even the customer's own design. All the infrastructural parts and capabilities are optimized according to the test configuration, resulting in the best possible combination of hardware and automation for the purpose, but also to operational efficiency.

Climatic EV battery pack test laboratory

The climatic EV battery test chamber (W2.8 m × L4.0 m × H2.5 m) is big enough to accommodate full-size EV battery packs and offers enough space to run tests with several packs simultaneously, as long as the battery cyclers are split accordingly. Each climatic chamber comes with a separate instrumentation space and designated infrastructural capacities. Several chambers share a common machinery space and chiller support. The control room can be in an additional module or the main building.

Climatic battery pack test laboratory

Climatic features of EV battery pack test chamber

The climatic battery pack test chamber is water-tight and thermally isolated. The environmental simulation and air handling equipment have been designed with Angelantoni Test Technologies. The test chamber provides an operational temperature range of between -40 ºC and +90 ºC (restricted), but the equipment is able to reach +150 ºC for non-battery testing purposes. The basic temperature change rate is 1–3K/min. and upgrades are even faster, especially when equipped with indirect cooling systems preventing ice forming. The adjustable humidity range is between RH10 and RH95%.

Each climatic chamber comes with a separate space for liquid conditioning systems, instrumentation, data acquisition and the master automation system. Several chambers share a common machinery space and chiller support. The control room can be in an additional module or the main building.

Safety features of EV battery pack test cell

Proventia's climatic EV battery test laboratories fulfil the EUCAR Hazard Level 6 requirements and conform to the EU Machine Directive as well as Health & Safety regulations. The modular test cells and centers are fully equipped with modern safety features including customer's preferred fire suppression and facility alarm systems. When battery test chambers are located outdoors, the level of safety is maximized, and the recovery made as simple as possible from all sort of incidents. Visual DUT monitoring is made with two different types of camera: a CCTV operating at the range of the human eye and an infrared thermal imaging camera, allowing automatic temperature threshold alarm features. Large double doors to the climatic test chamber are equipped with emergency EXIT features.

 Electric vehicle battery pack test cell

Advantages of the modular EV battery pack test laboratories

Proventia's modular EV battery test laboratories bring several advantages to the customer. Effective factory production up to the level of pre-commissioning and a high completeness level significantly reduce overall delivery time. Ready-made modules are easy to transport and quick to assemble on-site – almost like plug & play solutions – saving both time and money. Larger test centers can be deployed in several stages over time according to capacity need. Ultimately, the customer can start operating their new test laboratories earlier and more efficiently, thanks to optimized, independent test cells and the customer's preferred test systems.

Proventia's modular EV battery test cell solutions can be integrated with existing buildings and facilities, providing operational freedom in locating the test centre as well as additional safety because the test chambers can be located outdoors away from the main building. This feature becomes even more important when destructive tests are required. Damage can be contained in a smaller area, thus keeping the rest of the test centre operational. In addition, modules are easier to replace and re-deploy than traditional indoor chambers. After the deployment upgrades and changes in modules are easy to make. Even relocation at any later stage is as simple as in the first place.

As an independent test laboratory system integrator and turn-key supplier, Proventia delivers unique combinations of equipment and different automation systems in accordance with the customer's requirements and preferences. Proventia takes care of project management and sub-suppliers. The customer can focus on monitoring and overseeing the progress. Scheduled meetings and reports are made to inform all parties about the progress, next steps and any details to be considered.

Key features of the climatic EV battery test laboratories

  • Applicable to battery module and pack testing
  • Optimized capacities and capabilities
  • Adapts to customer-specific test practices
  • Factory-produced, tested and quick to deploy
  • Integrates with various test systems and facility arrangements
  • Highly transportable and re-locatable at any time
  • Fulfils EUCAR Hazard Level 6 requirements
  • Follows EU Machine Directive, Health & Safety regulations
  • Concept scales from single units to large test centers